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人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第1张



人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第2张

UHsoc.com Click here

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第3张


#Why set up?

Idea of interdisciplinary APproach

By Maggie Lou

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第4张

(ByMaggie Liu: AmbASsador of sociology, Founder of United Humanities Society)

It requires that we avoid the arbitrary specialisation of academic departmentsthat we specialise our work variously according o topic and above all according to problem......In formulating and in trying to solve these problems, do not hesitate, indeed seek, continually and imaginatively, to draw upon the perspectives and materials, the ideas and methods, of any and all sensIBle studies of man and society......do not let them be taken from you by those who would close them off by wierd jargon and pretensions of expertise.....”——C Wright Mills “Sociological Imagination”

What I have learnt from studying humanities and social science subjects like sociology is: in order to better understand or solve a social problem, it is important to look at the issue through the lens/paradigm of different academic departments. Especially for those complex structural social problems that are institutionalized and embodied across social institutions, collectivist effort from all humanities subjects-like what Mills said-“all sensible studies of man and society” are required to give a precise and comprehensive gauge of a social problem. For example, to understand a social problem like education inequality, you may refer to sociologist Bourdieu’s work on social capital; you may also refer to philosopher Rawls’ “The Theory of Justice” to better what equity and equality means respectively; you may also use economic knolwedge that relates to globalisation etc. Humanities week (https://www.scie.com.cn/a-review-of- humanities-week/) made me even more excited and gratified by my discovery of the connections between subjects and the cognitive possibilities born out of this interfusion. Our life is fundamentally diverse in its formal unity; hence our knowledge is interdisciplinary by nature. In the end, it is the range and depth of “Human Variety” that we want to tell.

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第5张

Therefore, I invited subjects ambassadors who lead humanities together with me to hold a metting at cafe in our school. In our first meeting, we discussed how to put this idea into practice. The contributions of ideas and substansive support I recived were out of my imagination.

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第6张


#How? In what form?

creation of a public sphere

“The first step in translating experience, either of other men’s writing, or of your own, into intellectual sphere, is to give it form.” ——C Wright Mills


Building a community “United Humanities Society"

Why do we need to unite? We believe solidarity is the key to revolutionary changes. 

I was always gratified and enlightened by friends who share similar interest in humanities subjects from G-level to A-level and, particularly, their consistent effort in sharing valuable ideas to wider public. Some of them set up clubs of their own; some of them enjoy writing in the tone of a scholar and post them on social apps; some of them are not sparing in their advice on learning humanities subjects; some of them are active participants in academic discussions inside and outside of classrooms; some of them are diving in their extra-curricular research projects …… 

What if we collect all these ideas, wether they are nascent or full-fledged or just “fringe-thoughts”, together? What if these ideas can always be categorized in a form, so that everyone are invited to actually see, discuss and share them? Turn the invisible into visible; Turn the private into public—so that more people will be influenced and more creative ideas will be sparked.

To create a website that allows fluid flow of ideas and opens channels to exhaustive information of differene subjects is considered to be sustainable in the long-term, accessible to every one, interactive and flexible. A United Humanites Society was thus created: 

“Education leads to enlightenment. Enlightenment opens the way to empathy. Empathy foreshadows reform.” — Derrick Bell


“Reservoir of shared knowledge”

The structure of our website is divided into two main parts - seperate subject information and interdisciplinary discussion space. 

There are 8 subjects that are provided: 



Global Perspective






After discussing, we think we can categorize all the information into 5 different types:


general information about what the subject is; overview of syllabus; academic articles; basic information of a subject

Book discussion

recommended books to read; book comments and discussion


about all the academic clubs that are provided in our school

Learning materials

useful websites/podcast/


advice from previous students who have studied this subject; learning methods

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第7张
人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第8张

#Creating Dialogic Spaces


The main body of our website is a public space  

for interdisciplinary discussions:

#recent events (e.g. humanities week, academic salons, seminars, competitions)

#Contemporary issue focus

#Interdisciplinary articles (articles that involve different subject overviews)


人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第9张

This is a space for you to freely express your opinions or intellectual concerns on topics that intrigue your interests. We will later create forums and space for upload comments below so that you can interact with people who have read the same articles as you do. Conversations matter.

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第10张

(interaction space)

PS: the forum function will be added in the few weeks! Be prepared to share your ideas and discuss!

Founding itself upon love, humility, and faith, dialogue becomes a horizontal relationship of which mutual trust between the dialoguers is the logical consequence……..Self-sufficiency is incompatible with dialogue…there are only people who are attempting, together, to learn more that they now know.” 







人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第11张

I am Maggie Liu from A2. I am the ambassador of sociology and founder of UHsoc website. It takes us nearly 4 months to build up this website and I sincerely hope it will be a great help for you throughout your whole journey of learning humanities subjects. I have gathered all information related to scoiology including: research projects I and my friends have done, interesting podcast that I have encountered, thought-provoking books I want to share, articles that are written by myself and my friends......We are glad to share our work with you in an attempt to spark off new ideas and eventually improve our work. Remember, you are not alone on your journey. Be brave and reach out!


人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第12张

?I’m Lisia from SCIE, G2. As one of the ambassadors of sociology and the whole humanity website, I’m truly glad to have this valuable opportunity to express my passion and provide academic assistance of this subject to all of the humanity enthusiasts. 

?With the study experience in the SCIE sociology workshop for the first academic year, I am currently one of the administrators of this club. Apart from some fundamental reading like “Sociology Imagination’ and ‘Miseducation’, I have also taken many sociological concepts into practice, like helping autistic children and assisting with sociology subscription. Despite I haven't systematically studied sociology by curriculum, I am already fascinated by the considerable insight it can bring to an individual, as well as the efficiency it can improve for the whole society. I particularly agree with Mr Mills’ opinion that he mentioned in ‘Sociology Imagination’, which says thinking like a sociologist helps you solve your daily issues by relating individual to the whole society, having a better and clearer cognition of your position in human development. I sincerely hope that more people can view things in the eyes of a  sociologist, and I consider this website as an excellent way.



人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第13张

Hi! I am Felix, the Economic Ambassador of SCIE United Humanities Society. 

Personally, I am deeply interested in social sciences—One of my passion is to learn more about the area of social science through studies and activities; my other passions include music, culture and finance. As one of the Economic Ambassadors, I would do everything I can to contribute intriguing and insightful content on our platform with fellow ambassadors and everyone interested in humanities, helping humanities enthusiasts like ourselves to progress and advance in humanities studies and discovery. 

Being a humanities enthusiast and a member of society, I am particularly interested in Economics because of its nature. Economics, by definition, is the study of allocating resources at maximum efficiency. Since our society and our lives are based on using resources we have to create something else, I am convinced that better insight into the allocation and use of resources can help us to build a better life, or even a better world effectively. In that spirit, I engaged in many economics and finance related studies and activities, trying my best to gain a better insight into the functioning of economies and financial markets through reading and participating in competitions and discussions.

I hope you enjoy being with SCIE United Humanities Society!


人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第14张

Economics is a humanitarian discipline: an ambitious attempt by elite scholars to construct the theory of resource allocation and the resultant welfare maximization. Its concern ranges from the study of business competition in market to the working of financial institution, from the prospect of economic growth to the nature of great recession. For the past hundred years, economists attempt to provide a reliable insight into understanding human behaviours and therefore human society, where they provide practical suggestions to solution of various human crisis. That is the ambition of economics that fascinates me.

Economics is a scientific discipline. If the end of economics is humanitarian, I feel scientific methods is its mean. Dominated by the materialistic philosophy, its methodology mimics physics and chemistry: the knowledge of economics is more about formula and facts than intuition and common sense, though the latter two has important roles in construction of this scientific theory itself. It has the finesse of qualitative methods painted with quantitative techniques.

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第15张

If my learning experience is compared a boat travellingthrough the sea of natural science towards the land of social sciences, economics would be the lighthouse: a subject so unique that it stands at the edge of natural and social science: with mixture of quantitative and qualitative study, the synthesis of humanistic and scientific stances, underpinned by its academic rigour and interdisciplinary openness. Economics is the son of the renaissance and the enlightenment, when scientific naturalism is taken for humanistic purpose. The theory of economics is usually simple and concise, but what it reveals about the human society its insightful. Economics might be a science, but a science artistically constructed. 

I am Brian, the ambassador of economics at the United Humanities Society in SCIE. I hope this would be an opportunity to explore the discipline of economics by taking a dialectical stance, thinking economic theoriescritically, and to enjoy learning itself. Learning economics is not about an exhaustive understanding of the working of economic mechanism. Instead, it would be a spark, igniting the interest into this subject.





Politics is the kaleidoscope of social science discipline: its perspective defines its theory.

I am Brian, the ambassador of Politics in United Societies of Humanities. I am no expert of politics, but rather a curious student who would fervently and critically learn politics: to think about political events haPPEning around us, to reflect about the politicaltheories and models that guides our understanding of political societies, and above all, by learning politics, learn to understand our places in the society and how apply the skills and knowledge in the discipline of politics in order to provide feasible solution to solve its problems.

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第16张

 Although I have not systematically studied politics by curriculum, I am already fascinated by the considerable insight it can bring to an individual, as well as the efficiency it can improve for the whole administration. This politics block is particularly appealing, due to its purely academic vibe and passionate participants who gave me lots of advice on how to evaluate an opinion thoroughly; by reading the books like Leviathan and Two Treaties of Government, I gradually grasped some pieces of essence on learning such political theories and the applying them to the analysis of global and domestic affairs. To be honest it is quite hard and esoteric, keep reading and noting, the success is waiting for you.


Politics is rather practical social science among ordinary civilians, everyone could have their point of view on particular event through political analysis. Politics is also an architectural science, as Aristotle understood, the core of political activity is the regime existing as an combination where people and resources in a particular place were integrated into laws and actions, pursuing towards the ultimate virtue and happiness. As a result, politics questioned the correctness of various activities and seek for the optimising measures in order to construct a model of political actions which as Mill stated, could foster and maximise the happiness or pleasure and minimise actions that cause unhappiness or harm to the betterment of the society as a whole.

I am Clarkson, an ordinary student interested in politics. Despite I haven’t learnt politics in school curriculum basis, the curiosity and enthusiasm about politics remained firm. By learning political philosophies from thinkers like Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Rousseau, I gradually grasped some pieces of essence on learning such theories and disciplines as well as applying them to the analysis on COSMOPOLITAN events and the provision of feasible solutions to various issues. Overall, it would be an especially interesting subject for the cultivation of our dialectical insights as global citizens.




There exists one frequently mentioned question of unparalleled relevance at the very core of philosophy: what, exactly, is the point of studying and reading about philosophy? Throughout history, philosophers and theorists have answered such a query in various ways. It can be "the class struggle in theory field" while it can also be "the art of forming, inventing, and fabricating concepts", whichever answer seems most subjectively correct, every single interpretation of philosophy goes beyond the basic process of finding a solution or "single truth"; instead, they attempt to elaborate upon the implications of a question, and only then will philosophers begin the valued process of discovery. The answer to "What is Philosophy?" is always left open to some extent, and in fact, it should be, because it is this very space it leaves for the tension between different interpretations that makes philosophy a living discipline, a praxis - more than a pure technical set of true statements.

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第17张

I am Harry, one of the ambassadors of Philosophy in United Societies of Humanities. I first got into philosophy with a sociological concern, and hereby I’d like to add one last point: the philosophical thoughts can be used in a more practical or "realistic" way – not only to be restricted in some sort of ossified and pedantic modern scholasticism – which, we raise questions to the social reality, we use our knowledge as weapon to actively get involved into the world around us. 

"All theory, dear friend, is grey, but the golden tree of actual life springs ever green."


人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第18张


大家好!我是A1 Winnie周玥彤,主要负责人文社科网站哲学学科板块的知识普及。作为网站的负责人之一,我希望可以通过整理信息、组织沙龙、发表观点等方式,搭建一个人文社科爱好者/时事的交流平台。哲学,一门常被和“玄学”挂上钩的学科,字面内涵是“爱智慧”。就像苏格拉底说的,“未经审视的生活是不是值得过的”。在哲学学习中,你将极大程度地训练自己的批判性思维,拷问生命的意义,拷问人的存在,拷问一切你曾想过但却没有深入思考的问题。作为国交哲学社的组织者之一,我希望可以给大家提供系统性的哲学入门资料,分为古典哲学、欧陆哲学、和分析哲学三大类,并且上传时评、哲学辩论、哲学介绍视频等,让大家探索这一神秘而迷人的领域!

Global prospective

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第19张

Hello, I am Katie from G2, and I am currently the ambassador for Global Perspective in the website of United Society Humanities. When I was first deciding on my course selection, GP captivated my interest with its unusual course name. Though I only want to give it a try at the beginning, the wide range of course content as well as the intriguing class experience in this year’s study made it a great way for me to learn about social science. Compared to other subjects, GP has less restriction on the content of the course, and since we rarely use textbook as our learning material, it means that students can gain knowledge through group discussion, presentation, as well as some interesting team projects in class. Thus, apart from the academic skills like writing essay, critical thinking, citation skills, GP also bring us soft skills such as how to communicate with teammates, how to be a responsible leader via abundant practical experiences. 

In conclusion, I believe GP is a skill-based subject that enable students to broaden their horizon. By uploading exam materials, essay samples and some academic articles on the website, I hope more people can have a deeper understanding of this subject.

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第20张

Note: if you are interested in psychology, geography, please feel free to contact us~

An Upcoming Academic Salon 

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第21张

details  of academic salon:  

人文网站UnitedHumanitiesSocietyWebsiteUHsoc上线啦!  学在国交 深国交 Winnie 哲学 第22张


Come on and embark a new journey with us~

文案:Maggie Lisia Felix Brian Owen Harry Winnie Katie




Social Science Essay Competition (By Richard Driscoll)


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