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与全体深国交学子的留念时刻 一起参与这份美好回忆的创造

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滴滴 你们知道Lip Dub是什么吗?

Lip Dub是一种创新有趣的介绍校园和传递能量的媒介。上一次Lip Dub是2018 年仍在水围校园时,正好距离现在过去了4届。我们希望以再一次Lip Dub的方式将所有学生对于国交的热爱和印象定格在视频里,作为大家永远珍贵的回忆。欢迎大家一起期待,一起参与这份美好回忆的创造!!

Lip Dub是一种用录制唇语后期加上音频配音来制作的音乐视频。


Lip Dub通常是一个一镜到底的视频,在建 筑物内的不同房间和背景里移动。 


Lip Dub在18年第一次诞生于深国交水围校区。在我们搬到新校区以后后,我们想在新校区策划录制一个全新版本的Lip Dub,与我们对新校区的认识,老校区的情怀产生共鸣,并通过不同年级学生的参与,和未来的学生产生联系。

这一次的Lip Dub需要所有年级的学生参与。在镜头前是经过报名的年级学生代表负责表演 唱歌(不用出声),而在学生代表旁边的背景里,我们希望所有学生都拿着小道具出镜欢呼,营造欢乐的气氛。(这样几年以后你们还可以在视频里找到自己的身影~)


圣诞假&新年前后 - 招募出镜代表、制作音乐、计划路线

新年假后 - 彩排、录制



-- 尽量两个人组队报名,你们可以同时出镜一起唱同一首歌(也可以选择一个人名,我们会帮你安排同伴~)

-- 和你的同伴一起推荐一首想唱的歌。歌曲最好是传唱度高、轻快明朗、节奏稍快、可以活跃气氛的(如果出现歌曲重叠或者需要重新选曲的情况我们和你们联系)

-- 歌曲我们只会截取高潮部分大概20s的长度

-- 积极热情,可以勇敢地在镜头面前表现

-- 参演之后的任务将包含排练和演出,希望大家在能够保证参与度的情况下报名

-- 在下方链接填写报名表格+歌曲推荐 

(DDL: 2021.12.28)



与全体深国交学子的留念时刻 一起参与这份美好回忆的创造  深国交 学在国交 深圳国际交流学院 第1张

与全体深国交学子的留念时刻 一起参与这份美好回忆的创造  深国交 学在国交 深圳国际交流学院 第2张

SCIE Prefect

文案:C&M Tracy

排版:C&M Winnie

封面:TBU Studio, SELT Kathy

Knock knock! Do you know what is a Lip Dub?

Lip Dub is an innovative and fun medium to introduce the campus and convey energy. The lASt Lip Dub was in 2018 Shuiwei Campus, exactly 4 years after the current one. With another Lip Dub, we hope to freeze all students' love and impressions of SCIE in a video that will serve as a precious memory for everyone forever. Welcome to look forward together and participate in the creation of this wonderful memory together!!!

A lip dub is a type of music video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video. They are DIY music videos featuring a group lip synching to a popular song of choice.  Lip dubs are usually done in a single unedited shot that often travel through different rooms and situations within a building. By 2008, Lip-dubbing grew into a popular theme of user-generated videos on YouTube, with exceptionally high participation from the office crowds and college students. For college students, this is usually a video of many students participating in a walk around all corners of the school.

Lip Dub was once introduced and video recorded by the 2017-2018 students in Shuiwei Campus. Moving to the new campus, we would like to create a new version of Lip Dub in our new campus to resonate with our memory and to connect with the new generations afterwards.

Click the link and watch the previous Lip Dub video 👇 :

Video by: 2018 TBU Studio

For this Lip Dub, all grade levels were asked to participate. In front of the camera is the groups of representatives who has signed up to sing, and in the background next to the student representative, we want all students to cheer with small props to create a fun atmosphere. 

(So that you can still find yourselves in the video a few years later ~)


Around Christmas break & New Year's Day - signing up representatives, editing music, planning routes

After New Year's break - rehearsal, recording

representative sign-up:

You need to:

-- Try to sign up as a team of people, you can aPPEar together at the same time and sing the same song (or you can choose to sign up alone and we will help you arrange a companion ~)

-- Recommend a song you want to sing with your partner. The best song is one that has a high popularity, is light and bright, has a slightly faster rhythm, and can liven up the atmosphere (we will contact you if there is an overlAP of songs or if you need to choose a new song)

-- We will take about 20s of the music

-- Be positive and enthusiastic, and be brave enough to perform in front of the camera

-- After the recruitment, the task will include rehearsals and performances. Please sign up if you can guarantee participation

-- Fill in the form below to sign-up as a representative (DDL: 12.28)

Note: Different grades will have some limitations on the number of participants, we will select the final representatives by random selection and notify you.

Scan the QR code below to sign up: 👇 与全体深国交学子的留念时刻 一起参与这份美好回忆的创造  深国交 学在国交 深圳国际交流学院 第3张

与全体深国交学子的留念时刻 一起参与这份美好回忆的创造  深国交 学在国交 深圳国际交流学院 第4张

SCIE Prefect

Passage: C&M Tracy

Arrangement: C&M Winnie

Cover: TBU Studio, SELT Kathy

本篇文章来源于微信公众号:                         SCIE Prefect

本篇文章来源于微信公众号: SCIE Prefect




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