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深国交毕业生的一人一世界 SCIE19年校刊(40)

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杨欣玫Kitty Yeung







 Monologue 1 [0] – the Future [Past] – Original of the Universe [Life]

Kitty Yeung 系列漫画故事节选,更多图片与更新:https://artbyphysicistkittyyeung.com/monologue-1-0-the-future-past-original-of-the-universe-life/

 Chapter 0001

In the contemporary 21st century, there is a scientist – an observational astronomer who also enjoys building instrumentation. She has immense love for life, nature, humanity and culture. She sees the beautiful things in this universe.





 Chapter 0010

Yet, the world is contradictory. There is unfairness and sadness in the wider society that she cannot ignore. She often imagines a future in which all the current and historical problems are resolved. With enormous technological advancement, people are intellectually enlightened, rational, loving, caring and happy. She wonders what the future world in a few centuries will look like. She wishes that she had been born in that hopeful future.




 Chapter 0011

One day, she and her robot are looking into space (and time) through their telescope. They see a “UFO” land in a field not far away. They rush out … only to find out that the person coming out of the spaceship is the scientist’s clone from the 23rd century.


飞船上写着“地球”,“Undefined Future Opportunity (UFO)未定义的未来机遇”

 Chapter 0100

The clone has escaped from a disaster in her own time. The clone does not quite understand what exactly has happened. Even though her world is much more advanced than in previous centuries, she experiences many problems in her society – problems that have carried over from the past. She concludes that in order for her to find the root cause of the disaster, she needs to travel back to the past and experience the social environments that define her contemporary time.





 Chapter 0101

Besides, she’s curious about her own origin. She wants to learn more about the scientist from whom she received her genes and fragments of memories. Thus, the 21st century is a natural choice as a destination.




Chapter 0110

Spending time together, the scientist and her clone learn from each other, about their lives, and each learns about the world that the other was born into. The scientist grows more and more concerned about the future world and decides to witness it herself. She takes the spaceship from her clone and flies into the future with her robot. Her clone takes her place as an astronomer and continues to study history at the same time.




 Chapter 0111

Motivated by her curiosity, the scientist takes a detour to look at the 22nd century. There, she meets another scientist. His intellectual level matches hers exactly. He is warm and kind. He has deep knowledge and understanding not only of science and technology but also of world events and their social implications. They fall in love. They live and work together for half a century.







“职业生涯早年,在做凝聚态实验的时候,我们要测量物质的量子特性,需要降到Kelvin以下,要用dilution refrigerator和液态氦。”










“有时需要自己动手生长晶体,还要手工wire bond到特制的电路板上。做了这些,焊接相比之下是小菜一碟。”






Chapter 1000

He works in a Natural History Museum, which turns out to be a whole continent. Yes, a whole continent on Earth has been transformed into a museum. It preserves the technologies and infrastructure of previous civilizations, as well as the wilderness of prehistorical times. Some areas even use museums built in the previous centuries as categorical sections – there are museums inside museums inside museums …

他在一个自然历史博物馆工作。这个博物馆建在整个一片大陆上。是的,地球上一整片大陆被建造成一个博物馆。它保留着过去文明的科技、建筑、基础设施,还有森林海洋等原始样貌。有些展区甚至直接使用了前些世纪的博物馆,构造了一个博物馆套一个博物馆再套一个博物馆… …


 Chapter 1001 

Human society has developed in many areas of science, including medicine and space exploration. Aging has slowed down. Developing a mature clinical human clone technology becomes an area of focus in the research center inside the Natural History Museum. They also develop a way to upload one’s memories onto hardware. The scientist embeds a chip in her robot, who records her memory.





Chapter 1010

Although the 22nd century is much more advanced than the 21st century, there are still struggles and conflicts caused by the unequal societal and economic structures. The scientist wonders how these are going to evolve during future generations. Reminded of her initial intention of travelling to her clone’s era, she decides to leave. To keep her in her love’s memory, she gifts him her robot – her companion since the time she was an astronomer from the 21st century.

22世纪比21世纪发达许多,但不平等的社会与经济体制依然使人们面临各种挣扎与斗争。科学家很想知道这些会如何在更未来的年代发展演变,便拾起初心,决定离开这里,去目睹自己克隆体来自的时代。为了让爱人留住她的记忆,她将小机器人送给了他—— 那个从21世纪就一直陪伴着她的小机器人。



Chapter 1011

She flies into the 23rd century, finds out about where her clone comes from, sees the future world that she dreamed about and discovers the precursors of the disaster. She then realizes that her time is up. It is time to answer her ultimate question. She drives her spaceship into a black hole. If she is still alive, she will find out what is on the other side, beyond the white hole, otherwise, so be it …









Chapter 00000000000000000000000………………………………………..

A civilization thousands of years ahead of us has been observing us. They were once like us. They have experienced the same developments and evolution we have experienced and gone far beyond us. They study our behaviors so that they can explain their past. Humans are good at creating problems and solving them, rather than preventing problems. They have concluded that history repeats itself. They have seen it all. Everything that the humans are struggling with and fighting for on Earth seems mundane to them now…






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