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深国交2023 C&M招新啦!C&M wants you!

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 Who are we?


深国交2023 C&M招新啦!C&M wants you!  深国交 深圳国际交流学院 学在国交 第1张


The communication&media division will be responsible for recording/broadcasting most of the events at SCIE. Our responsibility also include setting up the new students WeChat group, running the official account and assisting other SLB divisions. In C&M, you will have the chance to demonstrate your talents in photography/ film making while also learn about streaming technology and WeChat article formatting. We welcome all students who are interested!


Technical department


深国交2023 C&M招新啦!C&M wants you!  深国交 深圳国际交流学院 学在国交 第2张

技术部主要负责的是对于学校各种events的直播以及相关的后期工作.如果你有多机位导播或者直播推流相关的经验,欢迎加入我们.来参与我们的同时,意味着你可能无法参与一些活动, 所以你需要规划好自己的时间,避免发生冲突。


the technical department’s main responsibility is streaming and post production for events such as SGT in the school. If you have experience or would like to learn broadcasting or streaming, then we need you in the department. You also need good time management skills and make sure you plan ahead to avoid any potential contradictions on your time table.

Photography is one of Communication and Media Division’s most important jobs. The Division would be in charge of most of the photography work on campus, this includes the House Competitions on Wednesdays and special events such as SCIE’s Got Talent and New Year Concert. This Division has high standards for individuals. Photography skills are critical. However, interpersonal communication skills and cooperative will are also necessary. Personnel from this Division would be requested to meet their tasks with passion. They would also be required to follow protocol during photography missions and obey orders from their supervisors. Last but not least, they would need to finish all tasks with high efficiency and quality. Be advised: Your high-end photography equipment is not a ticket into this Division. Your portfolio will not be on top of our list of requirements. 


Art department


深国交2023 C&M招新啦!C&M wants you!  深国交 深圳国际交流学院 学在国交 第3张


招新标准:提供排版/绘画作品(任选其一 题材不限)有logo制作经验优先

Recruitment requirements: have proficient skills of using Xiumi to organize article layout, have experiences in poster production, have the ability to draw/write articles on the WeChat official account (we prioritize someone who can use procreate or software to draw), have strong time management ability time without delaying ddl

Recruitment standard: Provide typesetting/painting works (choose one of them, and the subject of your work is not limited). People who have experience in logo production is preferred


Comprehensive department


综合部门是CM部门其他部门能够正常运作的保障 他们负责为技术部与美工部提供综合性的后勤支持 也需要能在紧急情况下灵活应变来解决问题

我们的面试会考察各位的表达能力与随机应变能力 需要各位能够有及时处理突发状况的能力 也需要大家有足够的空余时间来参与活动 希望报名的各位周三下午最好不要有事(如果要参加house赛的话时间可能会有冲突)我们也会考虑大家的时间灵活性作为面试指标 最后欢迎各位报名cm综合部

We are responsible for the operation of the prefect WeChat account and official account, volunteering to help other departments (helping to set up equipment, manage equipment, etc.)

The comprehensive department is the guarantee for the normal operation of other departments of the CM department. They are responsible for providing comprehensive logistical support for the technical department and the art department. They also need to be able to respond flexibly to solve problems in emergency situations.

Our interview will examine your expressive ability and adaptability. You need to have the ability to deal with emergencies in a timely manner, and you need to have enough spare time to participate in the event. Everyone who want sign up should be available on Wednesday afternoon (if you want to participate in the house competition, there may be a conflict) We will also consider your time flexibility as an interview indicator. We are welcome to everyone who is enthusiastic about CM and want to contribute to school's media


深国交2023 C&M招新啦!C&M wants you!  深国交 深圳国际交流学院 学在国交 第4张

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