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Financial Express | No.30 阿里巴巴进军英国,港珠澳大桥开通

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Financial Express | No.30 阿里巴巴进军英国,港珠澳大桥开通 深国交 深国交金融社 学在国交 第1张


Financial Express 栏目会替你搜集整合这些碎片化的信息,带你360度全景看世界金融。希望每周能为您奉上最“新鲜”的资讯!


Financial Express | No.30 阿里巴巴进军英国,港珠澳大桥开通 深国交 深国交金融社 学在国交 第2张

China’s Alibaba has opened two data centres in London, bringing its business into the UK for the first time. The e-commerce giant has been working to expand its cloud computing arm in Europe in recent months, and has also opened centres in Frankfurt this year.

The London operations will offer 24/7 on-site support, including security and engineering, the group said.

The Chinese group is competing with Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM to become the world’s biggest cloud computing business – it currently ranks fifth.

Alibaba Cloud’s EMEA general manager, Yeming Wang, said: “Our expansion into the United Kingdom, and by extension into Europe, is in direct response to the rapidly increasing demands we have seen for local facilities within the region.

“Using AI-powered and data-driven technology, our latest data centres will offer customers complete access to our wide range of cloud services, from machine learning capabilities to predictive data analytics, ensuring that we continue to offer an unparalleled level of service. We are incredibly proud to take this latest step in our continued investment in EMEA.”



这个中国集团正在与亚马逊,微软,谷歌和IBM竞争,打算成为全球最大的云计算业务公司 - 目前,它的排名在第五位。



Financial Express | No.30 阿里巴巴进军英国,港珠澳大桥开通 深国交 深国交金融社 学在国交 第3张

The White House has announced plans to negotiate separate trade deals with Britain, the European Union and Japan.

“We are committed to concluding these negotiations with timely and substantive results for American workers, farmers, ranchers and businesses,” U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said last Tuesday.He added that the White House wanted to “address both tariff and non-tariff barriers and to achieve fairer and more balanced trade.” As required by law, Lighthizer sent three separate letters to Congress announcing the intention to open trade talks.

He wrote that the negotiations with Britain would begin “as soon as it’s ready” after Britain’s expected exit from the European Union on March 29. Lighthizer called the economic partnership between the U.S. and EU the “largest and most complex” in the world, noting the U.S. has a $151 billion trade deficit with the EU. 

Writing about Japan, Lighthizer said it is “an important but still often underperforming market for U.S. exporters of goods,” noting that Washington also has a large trade deficit with Tokyo.

近日,白宫方面宣布计划与英国、欧盟及日本分别进行贸易谈判。 美国贸易代表罗伯特·莱特西泽上周二表示:“我们致力于完成这些谈判,为美国工人、农民、农场主和企业带来及时和实质性的结果。”







Financial Express | No.30 阿里巴巴进军英国,港珠澳大桥开通 深国交 深国交金融社 学在国交 第4张

Chinese President Xi Jinping officially opened the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge Tuesday at a ceremony in the southern city of Zhuhai. The $20 billion megaproject further connects mainland China with the semi-autonomous territories of Hong Kong and Macau, with a 55-kilometer (34-mile) road bridge that has been in the works for almost nine years.

It’s a key element of China’s plan for a Greater Bay Area covering 56,500 square kilometers (21,800 square miles) of southern China, and encompassing 11 cities, including Hong Kong and Macau, that are home to a combined 68 million people. I declare the Hong Kong — Macau — Zhuhai bridge officially open, Xi said in a seconds-long speech before a giant display showing the bridge. The announcement was greeted with applause from the hundreds of guests in attendance, including the leaders of Hong Kong and Macau, Carrie Lam and Fernando Chui, and Guangdong Party Secretary Li Xi. The bridge will open to the public for the first time on Wednesday.

周二,中国国家主席习近平在珠海举行的仪式上正式宣布世界上最长的跨海大桥开通。这个耗资200亿美元的巨大工程将中国大陆、香港和澳门进一步连接起来,全桥长达55公里(34英里),修建耗时接近9年。这是中国建设粤港澳大湾区计划的关键一步。粤港澳大湾区面积达5.65万平方公里(合2.18万平方英里),覆盖包括香港和澳门在内的11个城市,共有6800万人口。 “港珠澳大桥正式开通!”习近平在展览厅主席台前发表了仅几秒钟的讲话。 全场立刻响起热烈的掌声,欢庆这一令人振奋的消息,港澳领导人林郑月娥、崔世安和广东省委书记李希都有出席。港珠澳大桥将于周三正式通车运营。


Financial Express | No.30 阿里巴巴进军英国,港珠澳大桥开通 深国交 深国交金融社 学在国交 第5张

Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe left Beijing Wednesday after a visit to China. During the visit, China and Japan said they will jointly push for new development of bilateral relations on the basis of returning to the right track. Experts believe that Abe’s visit to China has sent a positive message, which is of positive significance to promoting the long-term healthy and stable development of bilateral relations.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the china-japan treaty of peace and friendship. During Abe’s visit to China, Chinese leaders met and held talks with him. The two sides also held a reception commemorating the 40th anniversary of the treaty of peace and friendship and the first china-japan third party market cooperation BBS.

Analysts believe that the interests of China and Japan are highly intertwined. As major economies and countries with significant influence in the world, the long-term, sound and stable development of china-japan relations conforms to the fundamental interests of the two peoples and is also the common expectation of the region and the international community.

Both sides agreed to abide by the principles of the four political documents between China and Japan, properly handle the historical and Taiwan issues and maintain the political foundation of bilateral relations. “” the leaders of the two countries reached a number of consensuses on bilateral and international situations through the meeting, which further enhanced mutual trust and provided favorable conditions for deepening practical cooperation and pushing forward bilateral relations.” “ Gao hong, a researcher at the institute of Japanese studies at the Chinese academy of social sciences.






Financial Express | No.30 阿里巴巴进军英国,港珠澳大桥开通 深国交 深国交金融社 学在国交 第6张



On October 27, 360 finance formally submitted its IPO prospectus to the United States. According to the prospectus, Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 and chairman of 360 finance, holds 14.1%, making it the largest shareholder. Once the listing is completed, it will be the second listed company of Zhou Hongyi, the first was 360.

Someone once summarized the six forces of the internet that have changed the industry pattern as “TABLES”. TAB represents Tencent, Ali and Baidu, L stands for lei jun, E stands for Zhou Hongyi and S stands for Sina and Sohu.


Financial Express | No.30 阿里巴巴进军英国,港珠澳大桥开通 深国交 深国交金融社 学在国交 第7张

Tesla, the US electric car company, has paid Rmb973m ($140m) to lease an 860,000 square metre plot of land near Shanghai’s port for its first major vehicle factory outside the US, as it tries to expand sales in the world’s largest automotive market.Tesla said the factory would begin production in 2021 with initial capacity of about 250,000 vehicles a year. The cost of the lease was disclosed on a Shanghai government website. Such leases usually last 50 years.Tesla’s sales in China have been affected by rising trade frictions between Beijing and Washington. The company said this month it was operating at a 55 to 60 per cent cost disadvantage compared to Chinese producers due to tariffs and shipping costs.Funding for the Shanghai plant will mostly come from Chinese banks and Tesla’s own investment “will not start in any significant way until 2019”, company founder Elon Musk said in an August conference call with investors.But the lossmaking group’s production levels in the US are still only half what Mr Musk originally promised to reach by the end of 2018, although it finally hit its weekly production goal at the end of June and has since been able to achieve a quarterly target.

美国电动汽车公司特斯拉(Tesla)斥资9.73亿元人民币(合1.4亿美元),在上海港口附近租用一块86万平方米的土地,作为其在美国之外的第一家大型汽车厂的厂址。该公司正努力扩大在中国这个全球最大汽车市场的销量。 特斯拉表示,该厂将于2021年投产,最初年产能约为25万辆。上海市一个政府网站公布了这项租赁的费用。这种租赁通常的租期为50年。特斯拉在中国的销量受到了中美贸易摩擦不断升级的影响。该公司本月表示,由于关税和运输成本,其运营成本与中国生产商相比有55%至60%的劣势。该公司创始人埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)在8月份与投资者举行的电话会议上表示,上海工厂的资金将主要来自中资银行,而特斯拉“在2019年之前不会投入大量自有资金”。 但这家亏损的汽车集团在美国的产量水平仍仅为马斯克最初承诺将于2018年底达到的生产水平的一半,虽然该集团最终在6月底实现了每周生产目标,并自那以后达到了季度生产目标。

Financial Express | No.30 阿里巴巴进军英国,港珠澳大桥开通 深国交 深国交金融社 学在国交 第8张

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