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深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation

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The Finals of our school’s single biggest talent show--  SCIE Got Talent 2021 is looming closer!

So, what will be the performances competitors have prepared for us to enjoy? Those who have advanced through the semi-finals through their votes lASt event have worked tirelessly, rehearsing and practicing, on two types of performances. First, each group will have their individual performance, but to add diversity, the Finals will also include a collaborative performance where two groups have worked together on a given performance. First, the individual performances! 

Note: The performance introduction is in order with the actual programme

Individual Performance

Part 1

# 1. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons--Winter: 1. Allegro

String Quintet

    Vivaldi: Reckless sky of all things, there is a present state. Only Time - that day and night equal years, four-time change of season, but invisIBle running, if the clouds pass water, go back. However, the invisible hand of time in the nature of this tangible huge picture, painted their own four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter of the magnificent beauty. The four seasons are not only moving masterpieces of the earthly world, but also attractive subjects written by artists.

深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第1张
深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第2张

# 2. Hills


   "Hills,the song I've chosen,compared to Vienna,has a sense of bitterness about life and youth based on the bold tone.This is a story. of Jonathan Lee.
    There are his admonitions to the younger generation, along with the aftertaste of his long journey. and that's how the song is intriguing to me."

深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第3张
深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第4张

# 3. All I ask 


    《 All I Ask》is a popular song from Adele, and it will be presented by Coco and her partner Molly. This song is a soft and moving, which is singing in the return to innocence. 

深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第5张
深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第6张

# 4. Youngblood

5 Directions

Brought to you by 5 Direction - a band consisting of 4 boys, who have been performing in many school events. This time they have come back with their new performance of Youngblood, a song by the famous band 5 Seconds of Summer. At the end of the summer, let's catch the vibe!

深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第7张
深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第8张

# 5. Kpop Remix


     The girls from E-Girls ECA have prepared for us a variety of Kpop dances, each being performed by their cooperation in dancing. Totaling three individual performances, everyone who enjoys dancing will be thrilled to watch their performance!

深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第9张
深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第10张

# 6. Someone You Loved


As one of the world's top ten best-selling songs in 2019, this song carries the creator's complex emotional sustenance and conveys the pain of losing love with simple accompaniment. Maybe you can also find your own story in hearing Jessie’s performance of this song - before it is too late, be brave to love!

深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第11张
深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第12张

Group Performances

Part 2

APart from all the individual performances, there will also be collaborative performances-- where two teams have worked together to bring new mixes of talent! Here are their performances.

There's Nothing

 Holding Me Back

Kpop Remix + Samuel

Kpop remix and Samuel will bring us the song《There’s Nothing Holding Me Back》, it is from the Canadian singer Shawn Mendes. This is an upbeat and catchy music and the collaboration of singing and dance will make it more colorful.

My Heart Will Go On

String Quintet + Coco&Molly

    "My Heart Will Go On" is the theme song of the 1997 movie,Titanic, which is one of the most classic song ever sung by Celine Dion. From 1997 to 2021, Within these 2 decades, countless audience have been touched and moved to tears through this aPPEaling melody.Some might think of love when listening to the song and some may remember the most classic line said by Rose — “I’ll never let go.”

After more than two decades, there are fewer opportunities of listening to a live performance of ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ And so let’s take this opportunity, follow the melodies of the piano, strings and singing together, once again to relive the romance on the Titanic.    

Coral Sea

5 Directions + Jessie

Some departures may be unpredictable; some may be insincere; so, when someone turns around and leaves, we always have an inexplicable sadness.” A profound song about the emotions in departure and farewells, performed by a singer and a band!

Special Guests

Part 3


Remember When


    'Remember When' is a cantonese song sang by Eason Chan, talking about the story of 2 people meeting each other, leaving each other and eventually forgetting about each other. The lyrics encourages the audience to face those sad, parting moment with a peaceful, calm attitude, like what was written in the chorus, 'like I've never came, and never left.'    

深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第13张


Kiss it better 


    This performance will be brought by seven talented A-level students from the Sparkling Dance Club, let their delicate dance moves shine in the limelight and delight us!

深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第14张


Some Nights

ACA Together

  《Some nights》is a pop music which is title song from the band Fun ‘s EP. The club A Cappella will present this appealing music with great sense of rhythm.

深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第15张


A Love Letter


    Actors always have their own pursuits in presenting art in their mind. However,

meticulously portrayed characters that actors create are often not understood by others, and the elaborate details derived from their sincere effort often end up unnoticed. Life is like such movies in which individuals can pursue their own freedom at their will, without getting involved in too much sentiment in the world.    

深国交SGT达人秀(深国交传统之一) Final 2021 Invitation  学在国交 第16张

Performance introduction| performers and guests




Photo|C&M Division,TBU Studio, Guest

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