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Social Science Essay Competition (By Richard Driscoll)

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from THE FOBISIAN February 2021, Term 2 Issue 35 by FOBISIA

Social Science Essay Competition (By Richard Driscoll)  Winnie 竞赛 第1张

Social Science Essay Competitions

I have been involved with the FOBISIA’s Social Sciences Essay competition since it’s inauguration in 2017 when I was one of the judges. I ran the event in 2018 and have encouraged students to take part in the last two years. There has always been a buzz among the humanities students when the essay title is announced. The essay titles have come from a diverse range of topics from populism to measurements of economic growth and been accessible to all students across the humanities and social sciences. Students have enjoyed exploring subjects beyond the curriculum and the opportunity to develop their skills in skillfully applying evidence to formulate convincing arguments. Not only have students enjoyed the process but has enabled an opportunity to demonstrate their powers of analysis on their university applications. I look forward to many more social sciences competitions. Congratulations to the winners from this years competition:

KS 3 Winners:

1st: Clinton, Garden International School Bangkok

2nd: Sophie, International School Brunei

3rd: Miyuka, British International School Phuket

KS 4 Winners:

1st: Parmida, Traill International School

2nd: Winnie, Shenzhen College of International Education

3rd: Kiky, Garden International School Bangkok

Here is a little update on Lareina , first place winner from last year's competition who is now studying Economics and Management at Oxford University. She praised the competition, stating that it's a great opportunity, worthy of students who love Humanity, Social Science and Economics, and that one can achieve a lot during the preparations.

Flora who received third place in 6th form Social Science Essay Competition last year says: the reason why I entered this competition was I would like to apply the writing skill and knowledge I learnt from school at a higher level by completing a formal essay in a real world topic. Through this process, I have improved my research, analysis and writing skills when I looked for references and analysed data to approach the final conclusion. I really enjoyed the experience that I explored more deeply about the topics in Economics, Sociology and Politics based on what I have learnt in class. Actually I did not expect to receive any prizes, so I was really surprised when I was told that I got the third place. This has motivated me to participate in more essay competitions.

Social Science Essay Competition (By Richard Driscoll)  Winnie 竞赛 第2张

Winnie, KS4, Shenzhen College of Interrnational Education

This year’s FOBISIA Social Science Essay competition focuses on the relationship between population growth and the environment, inviting participants to discuss the statement “the greatest threat to our planet is population growth.” Notwithstanding it being classified in the Geography Division, concerns for rapid population growth are frequently raised in all types of social sciences, and therefore the question can be approached with various perspectives. It is also exciting and inspiring to see how theories from multiple subjects are interconnected and contribute to the holistic analysis, which constitutes my motivation to enter this writing competition. Throughout my preparation and the whole writing process, historical research on quantitative data of population growth, and theories offering structural interpretations of the trend consolidates my understanding on the topic. Meanwhile, my Geography teacher Ben Tainsh Griffiths offers me abundant constructive advice on refining the article to make it more readable. This type of Project-Based Learning energizes me to absorb knowledge more systematically and effectively. like the concept of “population density” and “population distribution,” create obstacles for clear understanding in the academic sphere on the topic, impeding immediate and efficient actions. Finally, identifying the significance of apprehending the human-environment relationship and making use of it, the essay points out several opportunities, namely “mediating factors” within the dynamics, as the potential to alleviate the threats and maximize the benefits.

My essay examines the big picture on the discussion of population and environment, starting by introducing several famous theories giving insights on the relationship between the two, including ones with pessimistic attitudes like Malthunisianism, Neo-Malthunisianism represented by Paul Ehrlich, alongside others with somewhat optimistic attitudes like the Cornucopian theory, as well as Esther Boserup who assets “necessity is the mother of invention,” and a seemingly objective perspective presented by the Demographic Transition Theory. Pointing out briefly the limitation of these three types of theories, the article points out threats that were brought by rapid population growth on the environment and sustainable development from two perspectives: the environmental threat, and the academic challenge. The previous one quotes some quantitative studies demonstrating the threatening situation in the status quo, while the latter part claims that some discourses used in demographic studies,

Clinton, KS3 Garden International School Bangkok

Which of the Sustainable Development Goals has the potential to make the greatest impact on our world?

With the end of the calendar year near, came FOBISIA’s Social Science Essay Competition, revolving around the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, students were given the opportunity to decide on which goal we saw most fit to implement into the world. Besides, our one choice would have to be justified comprehensively through a series of set arguments in 1000 words. The multitude of different options for this task changed my perspective on the Sustainable Development Goals and the human condition in general. When I was first informed of this competition, I knew I wanted to challenge myself and complete it start to finish. Besides, I wanted to explore and learn more about the meaning and extent of the Sustainable Development Goals which I think I achieved over this period of time.

When choosing the goal I thought was most important, I made sure to look at the upsides and downsides of every goal and try to link ideas together to justify my reasoning. Certain goals that were particularly interesting which could provoke more topics and open discussion. I chose Goal 9 otherwise known as ‘Industry Innovation and Infrastructure’ because I found it the most beneficial and interesting to write about as it is very relevant. By completing this essay, it enabled me to inquire and find the relevant information myself, and this was something that I relished. In addition, I learnt how to reference correctly and source the information I needed. At long last I was able to complete my essay, albeit it was strenuous yet rewarding.

In my essay, I analyse the benefits of connectivity and how modern practices using mobile phones support economical methods like remittances. Moreover, the essay goes on to explain how innovation in mechanisation has led to higher human productivity and development in China, which links to industry in LEDC countries. The topic of infrastructure is brought in, which discusses the importance of a good road network, as this connects rural villages to the urban centres. Throughout this essay I explored multiple case studies, this really opened my eyes to some of the problems, but more importantly the solutions that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is trying to achieve.

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